Privacy Policy

Taking the importance of the personal information protection into consideration, I observe "a law about the protection of the personal information" and this privacy policy and try for the privacy protection of the customer.

Definition of the personal information

It is the information (called "personal information" as follows) about the customer individual and points to the information that can distinguish the name, the address of the customer, the customer individual including the phone number concerned. The information that can distinguish an individual by collating it in combination with other information is included.

I declare protection of the personal information

I understand that personal information is important assets in today's high information and communication society, and this site recognizes personal information when it is the duty that handling うことがとりよねの is important to definitely and declares what I act as for protection of the personal information based on the following policies.

The observance of laws and ordinances and rules about the personal information protection

I observe laws and ordinances about the protection of the personal information and other models, and this site deals with personal information appropriately.

The acquisition of the personal information

When this site acquires personal information, I make an effort to clarify the use purpose and, by legitimate and fair means, acquire personal information.

The use of the personal information

I use the personal information that this site acquired in the accomplishment of duties in the use purpose or it and the rational relevant range that I showed in the case of the acquisition as far as it is necessary. In addition, I perform supervision to realize the appropriate use of the personal information about the other party of the joint use and a third party when I use personal information between a third party jointly or I entrust a third party with the handling of the personal information.

Third party offer of the personal information

This site does not offer personal information to the third party unless I fix it for laws and ordinances without obtaining the person's consent beforehand.

Management of the personal information

I realize necessary and appropriate information security measures that this site keeps accuracy of the personal information and currentness and to manage it safely and prevent loss, manipulation, a leak of the personal information.

Disclosure, correction, suspension, removal of the personal information

When the person recognizes that I have a right to demand disclosure, a correction, suspension, removal about personal information, and this site installs a personal information consultation desk, and there are these demands, I cope according to laws and ordinances immediately.

Organization, the system

This site carries out appropriate management about professional personal information to use and builds the system to realize the appropriate handling of the on-the-job personal information.
Development, enforcement of the personal information protection rule

I maintain the always best state by this site devising a personal information protection rule to carry out this privacy policy, and common knowledge enforcing this through the training, education in companies, and carrying it out, and improving it continuously.